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Having Momos in Shillong

When it rains, you either think of hot coffee or hot momos! Isn't it? It rains quite incessantly in Shillong and Khasi people in Shillong know how to enjoy the rains with a chilly tickle on their tongues!

Local Food of Shillong

Shillong is a hill station in Meghalaya, the smallest state of India. It is home to Khasis and is the headquarters of East Khasi Hills district. Well, the staple diet of people residing here comprises of delectable dishes such as Jadoh (a mixture of rice and pork), Tungtab (fermented dry fish), Dohneiiong (pork mixed with spices) and Tarumbai (fermented beans).

How can you miss out on the locally prepared brew called 'kyat' which is prepared using rice and adds a zing to your meal! After meals, Khasi people in Shillong offer betel nut or Kwai to express their love and gratitude to you and as a  mark of respect for you.

When in Shillong, you can try out street food too like hot jalebis, momos, chowmein and chicken chowmein noodles, Oh yes! the delicious pineapples of Shillong are not to be missed. Vendors add spices and salt and offer you pineapple pieces you will relish to the hilt.

There are many bakery shops here. In case you decide to visit Mawlinglong or Cherrapunji, do pack a few cookies, cakes and breads with you. You will love to have them while travelling to your tourist destination.

And the hot cha (tea)? Can anyone miss out on that! Khasi women make really nice tea and serve them in beautiful and clean cups. Tea is sipped with snacks known as jinbam which can be a piece of cake or muffin.

Momos for Tiffin

Delectable Dumplings - Momos

You have always wondered what you must give your children for tiffin. Try out keeping a bit of Shillong in their tiffins! Yes! People in Shillong love momos. These are also known as dim sums or dumplings. They can be prepared using vegetables, pork or just chicken --- as per your choice. But one thing is for sure 'no one can eat just one'!

Momos for Tiffin

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes (ripe tomatoes cut length-wise), Dry red chillies, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp sugar, salt to taste.

Method for Preparing Chutney (Sauce): Be prepared for a spicy sauce or chutney! However, the momos taste really good with this sauce.

  • Put tomatoes, dry red Chillies in a saucepan. Add Water.
  • Cover the pan and allow them to boil.
  • Remove cover and again allow the ingredients to boil for 8-10 minutes till the peel of the tomatoes can be easily removed and red chillies become soft.
  • Now pour into a sieve and allow tomatoes to cool.
  • Remove peels from the tomatoes.
  • Put chillies and tomato into a blender. Discard the Water ( or you can use it as stock for soups or for kneading dough for spicy parathas)
  • Add Salt, bit of sugar, vinegar or lemon juice and blend to a smooth paste.
  • It is ready to be served!

Another Chutney Recipe:

Soak chillies and garlic in lemon juice for 1 or 2 hours. Put these ingredients with little water and 1 tbsp oil in a mixer and grind to a smooth paste.

Half Moon Momos

How to Prepare Momos

Ingredients: Maida (150 grams), Baking Powder(1/4 Tsp), Minced Chicken (1 Cup), Finely chopped Onion (1/2 Cup), Black Pepper Powder (1/4 Teaspoon), Oil (1 Tablespoon), Garlic Paste (1/2 Tbsp), Salt, Cabbage, Carrot, Beans (1 Cup), 6 Garlic Cloves, Whole Red Chillies, Lemon Juice (2 tbsp).

For Chicken or Vegetable filling

  • Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan.
  • Put garlic paste and chopped onion and fry.
  • Now add minced chicken/grated vegetables, pepper powder and salt.
  • Cook for 10 minutes and keep aside.

For Momos

Knead maida (flour), baking powder and salt into a firm dough. Roll dough into thin 4-5 inch rounds. Put filling in the center of every round. Now bring the edges together and twist in order to seal it. Steam these dumplings and lo! your momos are ready! Dip in the sauce and enjoy the momos, the company of your family and friends, send a few to your neighbours and keep some for your child's tiffin.

Momos can be easily prepared early in the morning for tiffin. The kids love it and you will enjoy the rare sight of a tiffin which has been gobbled up in minutes!

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