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Shillong Religious Places

The beautiful town of Shillong is adorned with beautiful churches and cathedrals located across the town.  These churches’ conduct religious masses and events over the year and many devotees attend it. Shillong is a home to many churches and cathedrals. Some of these churches can hold a capacity of about thousand worshipers at a time. The churches are another prominent attraction of Shillong and a mark of the religious nature of the people here. Apart from churches, there are also few temples. Some of these religious tourist places are:

Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians

The Cathedral of Shillong is one of the most exquisite churches and is perched on a hill. It is located in the heart of the city Laitumkhrah in Shillong.  It has high curves and stained glass windows that add to its grandeur. Below, carved out of the hill is the Grotto Church. This historical monument of divinity and peace is almost 50 years old. This beautiful church was built in the Gothic architectural style, and it is a spectacular sight in the midst of sprawling green lawns. The church is also known as the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians. The unique feature of this church is the fact that it was built on sand and not on rock. As the region is prone to earthquakes, this ensures that the sand, thereby securing the church from any major damage, absorbs any earthquake-related shock. Situated on top of an emerald-colored hill, the tall arches of the church and its stained glass installations will mesmerize any tourist visiting Shillong.

Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians in Shillong

Near the altar of this church is the grave of the First Archbishop of the city. Apart from all these, the church also has several pieces of artwork depicting various scenes and chapters from holy scriptures.This Cathedral is appellate after Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. Apart from being the pride of the Catholics of the region, the church has also become a popular tourist attraction, special church services are held here every Wednesday the year round. Devotions lasting nine days to obtain special requests are also held regularly from the 16th to the 24th of every month. For the past few decades, the Cathedral Church has also become a house where people of other faiths also come to seek blessings, prayers, and Divine favors through the meditation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.Its high location and captivating design has made the church a prominent landmark of Shillong.  It is said, on a clear day from this point where the Church stands, the snow-crowned peaks of the Himalayas can be and the mighty Brahmaputra seen.

It is located in Laitmukhrah, Shillong
Visit Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Shillong Baptist Church

Shillong Baptist church

The Shillong Baptist church is one of the most popular churches in the state. The beauteous building welcomes all for its Sunday Mass. So if you are in Shillong on a Sunday, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit this church. Here, you will also have the chance to mingle with the locals as they come for their traditional Sunday prayers. Apart from being a centre for religious get together, apart from this; this place also arranges many other programmes like the Sunday school, etc.

A popular spot for Christian wedding celebrations in the town, this church always seems to be flocked by people, who come here for one event or the other. You can experience the peace and serenity as you pray at the altar of this holy church and instantly feel closer to the divine forces. Shillong Baptist Church Youth Fellowship is a branch of the Shillong Baptist Church represented by the youth. This is not the same age group as the Young Professionals, they are a of a young age group 18 and above who are fully dedicated to the work of God and spreading his work. SBCYF meets at Bethany Society every Sunday after church Worship Services at 2:30pm. There is music, humor, food, hanging out and most importantly, God and learning about God Ben Ning, a long-distance-member of Shillong Baptist Church Youth Fellowship.It is one of the most popular churches in the region; the beautiful building will transport you to a charming, forgotten era.

Police Bazar, Shillong

All Saints Church

The 1902 All Saints’ Cathedral would look perfect pictured on a biscuit tin.The British who established their supremacy over Shillong wanted it to be a mini England; and to satisfy their desire they constructed several churches and cathedrals, everywhere in the city. Most of the churches and cathedrals are spacious enough to accommodate a few thousand worshipers at a time.

All saints church shillong

All of these churches are functional ones packed to capacity during Sunday mass. The churches are remarkable attractions of Shillong and mark the religiosity of the Shillongites.Situated nearby, the turreted Das-Roy House (closed to the public) lurks behind a traffic circle that harbors five forgotten Khasi monoliths as well as a mini Soviet-style globe monument

Located opposite to State Central Library,
IGP point. Shillong
Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Pokseh Presbyterian Church

Pokseh presbyterian church shillong

The 8th of January 2006 will be remembered in the history of the Pohkseh Presbyterian church because on this day The Mothorupur Mission Field originated. On this day about 150 members of the Pohkseh church went to Mothorupur to officially start the mission work there. The church has appointed one Mission worker, Mr.Pynshai and a Missionary teacher. The Mission field was declared on this day and opened by Rev.O.S.Mawroh. On 9 January, the Moderator of the KJP Synod Mihngi inaugurated the school. The school has already started functioning and 70 students have already registered. The people in the church thanked God that he had been with him, right from the very beginning.

The women ministry is also another important ministry of the church. The women of this church are getting involved in the different areas in the ministry of the church. One of the chief aspects of the church if it has to grow is that, it has to be a praying church and the women of the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church are the "Prayer Warriors” of the church. That is why the women ministry is an essential organ of the church. The main aim of  The Pohkseh Presbyterian Church is to proclaim the gospel of God's love and salvation to everyone, to minister to those in need, and to provide opportunities for personal Christian growth through worship, education, missions and fellowship. The Pohkseh Presbyterian Church in Rynjah is a highly revered church in the town and a must visit for devotees.

Located in the Rynjah area of Shillong
Near Rynjah bus stop
Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Contact Details -

Pohkseh Presbyterian Church
Pohkseh, Rynjah P.O
Shillong 793006
Meghalaya, India

Email: secretary@pohksehchurch.org

Revd.Griffith S.Umwi
Pohkseh Presbyterian Church,
Pohkseh, Rynjah P.O.
Shillong 793006
Meghalaya, India

Email: gsu@pohksehchurch.org


Nepal Christian Fellowship Church

Nepal church

Established in the year 1947, the Nepali Christian Fellowship Church is an independent Church for the minority Nepali Christian groups residing in Shillong. In 1960, group of 30 believers formed the then Nepal Christian Fellowship, now called NCF Shillong. In spite of great legal and social restriction, the Church has grown fast from a handful of believers in the 1950's to a lot in number believers. NCF shillong has frequently worked to strengthen and unify the Christian Church in India.

Located near Laitmuakhrah
Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Laitmukhrah Presbyterian Church

laitmukhrah church

This church is lovely outside and inside as well, it has a nice courtyard with nice carpet grass use for activities in the church. Beautiful church and worth a quick look. There is no admission but they do ask for a donation. The church is beautiful, gorgeous, and definitely worth seeing for its majesty and historic values.  It is a wonderful old church; there is a good ministry team.  It has stain glass windows and big organ.

Located in laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church
Nongrimbah, Shillong
Meghalaya 793003, India.
Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Seventh  Adventist  Day  Church

Seventh day aventist churchThe church is part of a worldwide community of Seventh-Day Adventists. It does not matter whether you are a member of our faith or a visitor; you will feel and have a spiritual home here at the Shillong Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It welcomes all those who wish to share, grow, and be a part of our community.  They are a family of dedicated believers in Jesus Christ, living in the light of His coming and His love, and seeking to serve the world around us.

At present,  the following vernacular groups are identified– Khasi, Garo, Mizo, Hindi and the English speaking group for those who feel more comfortable to read and study the Word of God, sing praises and offer prayers to Him, in other than the above four mentioned languages.

Located in Norimbah
Fire brigade, Shillong
Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Contact Details -

Elder U W Fanner
Phone No. – 09863057936

Mahadev Khola

mahadev temple shillong

Encircled, by vivid legends and folklore, this cave temple is a famous religious spot of the city. Accredited to be around 150 years old, this temple sees numerous devotees flocking here from all over the country. According to the legend, a sage named Lakhiya Baba came for meditation at this beautiful place. Another legend is that the Subedar Major of the eighth Gurkha Rifles was told in his dream to carry out an excavation at this place. As the unassuming Subedar carried out the excavation, he found a Shiva Lingam.

This particular holy spot is where the present temple of Mahadev Khola Dham is situated.Apart from this popular one, there are many other temples all over this place, which are believed to have been built by devotees of Mahadev Khola Dham. Festivals dedicated to Lord Shiva are celebrated with much enthusiasm and during Shivaratri; you will find the place pouring with devotees, an aura of celebration bringing the whole place alive!

Mahade Khola Welfare And Trust
101 Area, East Khasi Hills,
Shillong ,793004 Meghalaya
Phone no. : 0364-2505411
Mobile no: +919863080551
Timings: 5:30 AM-6:00 PM
Open Days: All days of the week

Buddhist Temple Shillong

Buddhist temple shillong

Resting  atop a hillock, Shillong Buddhist Temple is said to be the oldest in North East.The first Buddhist Temple in the entire North East was established on May 24, 1918. It is one of the Buddhist shrines in existence in Shillong. The Buddhist religion aims at spreading the message of human compassion, and its universal appeal makes it famous across countries and cultures. Maybe,  this is the reason why Shillong, despite of being a primarily Christian region, has a Buddhist temple.

 It was until when, late Kripasaran Mahastavir, the then president of Buddha Dharmankur Sabha visited Shillong that he decided to construct a Buddhist Temple here in Shillong as well. Under his enterprise and with the help of local businessmen, the Shillong Branch of  the Buddha Dharmankur Sabha was established on May 16, 1923.The construction work was started in 1925, but needed to be stopped due to the death of Mahastavir in 1926. In 1936, Baikhu Juniata Mahathera visited Assam and stayed at the uncompleted structure of the temple.

The Buddhist Vidya Niketan Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Schools, charitable Homoeo dispensary, Kripasaran Library, Buddhist Tribal Hostel and many others were founded by the Shillong Buddhist Association Branch of Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha, Kolkata.This temple is a beautiful shrine and has an archway similar in architecture to that of the world famous Sanchi Stupa.

The Buddhist religion aims at spreading the message of human compassion, and its universal appeal makes it famous across countries and cultures. Maybe, this is the reason why Shillong, despite of being a primarily Christian region, has a Buddhist temple. Along with the beauty of Shillong, this outstanding temple is a sight that should not be missed out visiting if you are in Shillong.  The Buddhist Temple was built in the year 1935 on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti. This is a monument that displays religious tolerance and secularism of Shillong .If you visit this temple you would  be awe-struck, feel the peaceful energy vibrating from every nook and corner of the temple , and you will be more than eager to keep coming back

Located at Forest Colony
Near Polo Hills-Shillong
Visit Duration:  30 minutes to 1 hour

Apart from the well- known churches and temples, the Mawkhar Presbyterian Church, the Jaiaw Presbyterian Church, Laban Presbyterian Church, the Mawprem Presbyterian Church, Malki Presbyterian Church, etc  the are among some of the small churches which are within the localities of Shillong. There are also small temples like Matri Mandir (Kali Temple), Durga temple etc.

How to Reach

By Air:

Umroi Airport

It is about 35 km from Shillong is a small airport. At present, Air India operates aircraft on this route. Taxis/ Buses are available from Shillong to Umroi and back. There is also a flight available:

Flight no
CD9719/9719: To/From Kolkata-Shillong, Shillong-Jorhat-Kolkata on Mon, Tues and Thurs
CD9711/9712: To /From Kolkata-Shillong-Kolkata on Wed, Sat and Sun

M.T.C. Bus Service: It  is also available from Shillong to Umroi Airport
Departure time from Shillong: 11:00 hours
Departure time from Umroi: On the arrival of the flight from Kolkata
Boarding and Deboarding point: At M.T.C. Station, Police Bazaar
Type of Bus: 28 seater Star bus
Fare: Rs.100/- per passenger
Schedule days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

The Gopinath Bordoloi Airport:

It is  in Guwahati (128 km from Shillong).It is connected to rest of India with regular flights. Shared cabs are available at the rate of 500 per person, also Tata Sumo's are also available outside the airport around town from Guwahati Airport to Shillong. The cab will drop you off at Police Bazaar from where you can get a ride to almost any part of Shillong. On the way, from Guwahati to Shillong you can stop half way at Nongpoh to get some rest and refreshments for yourself. You can also hire taxis, sumo's or shared cabs that are available outside the airport or you can go with the service provided by Tourist Information Centre, Police Bazaar and Meghalaya Tourism Information Centre, Guwahati Airport on which information  is given below.

Flight Schedule from Guwahati Airport
Departure time from Shillong: 6:30 am and 9 am
Departure time from Guwahati Airport: 2 pm and 4 pm
Fare: Rs.250/-
The tickets will be available at Tourist Information Centre, Police Bazaar and Meghalaya Tourism Information Centre, Guwahati Airport.
For more information contact: (0364) 2222731/ 2224933/ 2505012/ 222447

Helicopter Service

There is also a Helicopter service available from Guwahati to Tura and Tura to Shillong  on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday and from Guwahati to Shillong and Shillong to Guwahati daily except on  a Sunday.
It takes 20 mins to reach Shillong from Guwahati. This means of transportation is very convenient economical.

For details and bookings, contact:
Meghalaya Helicopter Service MTC Bus Stand, Police Bazaar Contact no: 2223129
Sheba Travels Contact no: 2227222
Tower Tours & Travels Contact no: 2220075

By Road

You can hire a taxi or a shared cab which is available just outside the airport. There are also sumos, buses and taxis that leaves from Paltan bazar wihich is a little further away from the airport.

Local Modes of Transportation in Shillong


To see places  within city , city buses are good options. There are two kinds of buses that pass from Shillong - City bus and Bazaar bus.City bus is the one that you should get on  and the places to where it's traveling blinks on the front of the bus.


Black and Yellow d shared taxis are available.  These are faster and are always shared; rates may vary from Rs 5/- to Rs 15/- maximum.  If one wants to hire a taxi, the driver will not pick up any more passengers, and the rates would be higher. The fares should be fixed before travel.

For hiring taxis- Call on : 09863023694 and can be hired from the  Khasi Hills Tourist Taxi Stand, Police Bazaar.

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