Business and Economy of Shillong

The economy of Shillong is agrarian in nature as a large section of the people of Shillong is dependent on agriculture. Other than agriculture, the economy of Shillong is also dependent on small scale industries like handicraft and handloom items.

Infrastructural constraints have also prevented the economy of the state from growing at a pace adequate with that of the rest of the country. The tourism industry of Shillong also reaps huge profits for the city and the state as a whole. There are a lot of businesses opening in and round Shillong, which is a benefit for the people . As for the government they have MUDA (Meghalaya Urban Development Agency) which is beneficiary for the state. Though the primary sector of the state is agriculture yet it also contributes a lot from the secondary sector like arts and crafts (cane and bamboo products) which have been exported in and outside the country as well. Shillong has a also contributed though less in the Tertiary Sector, Quinary sector as well.

Economy of Shillong

Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya is a store house of natural resources and hence an ideal place to set up industries. Some of the factors that makes Shillong an important industrial hub includes liberal Industrial Policy, absence of Labour Unions, Skilled Man Power, Locational Advantage for South East Asia Market.

Business Opportunities in Shillong

Tourism Industry in Shillong

Tourism industry in Shillong contributes a huge share in the economy of the city and the state. The tourism industry in Shillong mainly flourished due to the following factors:

  • Wettest Place on Earth (Cherrrapunjee & Mawsynram)
  • Adventure Tourism (Caving & White Water Rafting)
  • Golf Tourism (18 Hole Natural Golf Course)
  • New Tourism Policy which has laid down several plans to promote tourism

Agro – Horticulture Industry in Shillong

Agriculture is a major source of income for the people of the state. The Agro – Horticulture Industry in Shillong includes:

  • Alcohol from Tapioca
  • Medicinal Plant (Taxus Baccata, Orchids & Floricultures)
  • Spice Oleoresins (Ginger, Turmeric, Tezpata, Chilies)

Mineral Based Industries in Shillong

Shillong is also rich in mineral resource and therefore mineral based  industry are slowly flourishing in the state.The Mineral Base Industry in Shillong includes:

  • Clay Based Industries
  • Limestone Based Industry
  • Refractories : (Sillimanite & Fire Clay)
  • Coal Based Industrie

Apart from the above mentioned industry some of the other industry in Shillong includes Leather Industry, IT Industry, and Power Generation
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