Food of Shillong

A trip to Shillong can never be completed without relishing the mouth-watering taste of the exclusive food items in Shillong. Shillong has a variety of traditional food made with local ingredients. Every Khasi and Jaintia house will treat you to traditional food. Rice is the staple food in Shillong. There are different varieties from the red rice to the sticky glutinous rice in Shillong. All three communities Khasi, Jaintias and Garo enjoy eating pork, which is the main dish. Some of the most popular dishes in Shillong includes: Jastem, Jadoh, and Jukhiein.

Some Common Khasi Recipes


Ingredients  required

Pork liver- 500 gm
Rice -500gm
Chopped garlic- 2tbsp
Chopped onion-2tbsp
Black pepper crushed
Salt to taste

First wash liver then drain and cut them into small pieces (2 inch).  After that, boil liver pieces in about 2-3 cups of water, in a heavy bottom vessel. Wash and drain the rice properly and then add the rice and also put onions, garlic and pepper. Boil this over high heat, lower the heat and cook till rice is cooked.

Preparation time-30 minutes.


Ingredients required

Pork- 1 kg
Oil- 2tsp
Onion (chopped)- 2tsp
Garlic (Paste)- 2
Fermented Soya Beans- 1cup
Sesame seed (black, powdered)- 1


First heat oil in a pan and add garlic and onion, fry till golden brown. Put the soya beans and pork and fry till the pork turns brown. Add a cup of water and cook till the pork is tender. After this add sesame powder and salt, and stir till the it is mixed properly. Remove from the heat after sesame powder isw mixed well.
Serves- 4
Preparation time-45 minutes

Food of Shillong

Other popular khasi food items include:

  • Momos: Dumplings made from pork or chicken
  • Jadoh: yellow rice made with pork stew
  • Tung: Rymbai: Black bean sauce
  • Ki Kpu: Food snack made from rice
  • Dohkhlieh: Boiled pork made with onions, ginger and pork stew
  • Dohneiiong: Pork made with black sesame paste,onion, ginger, garlic
  • Pumaloi: Green color food snack made with black sesame and rice 
  • Pudoh: Food snack made with rice stuffed with meat
  • Putharao: Food snack made with rice
  • Kyat: Local wine
  • Ktung: Dry fish
  • Pukhlein: Food snack made with rice and jaggery
  • Pickled Bamboo Shoots: Made with small red chillies, soaked in oil with bamboo shoot
  • Mylliem Chicken: Made only with ginger, garlic, turmeric and onion
  • Rice Beer: Rice made in distilled beer
  • Doh that: Smoked pork or beef

Top Restaurants in Shillong

Apart from the local food, Shillong is also known for its Indian and Chinese mouth watering delicacies. Some of the restaurants that offers tasty Indian and Chinese delicacies include La galerie, City hut Dhaba, Kimpao, Hotel Broadway and many more.

City Hut Dhaba

The City hut Dhaba is one of the best restaurants in Shillong. This restaurant is quite popular among the locals and the tourists as well. The variety of food that it offers is quite impressive. One can enjoy South Indian, North Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes. The restaurant also offers local khasi, Assamese and Bengali dishes as well. The restaurant also offers variety of options for the vegetarians. The city hut Dhaba is a must for all foodies.

Meal for two: Rs 600
Address: Earle Holiday Home, Oakland Raod,
Shillong, Meghalaya, 793001, India
Phone no: 098630-63494

Ginger Restaurant

The Ginger Restaurant is also the most popular restaurant in the city. One can take a break from the usual Indian cuisine and try out the delicious continental and Italian dishes like cannelloni, crepes, pasta, stroganoff. This restaurant is one of the trendiest eating joints in Shillong.

Meal for two: Rs 500
Address: Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds,
Shillong: 793001
Phone no: 0364-2222341

La galerie

La galerie is a multi cuisine restaurant in Shillong. The restaurant offers delicious Indian as well as continental dishes. As far as the service is concerned, the hotel staff is very well trained. The ambience of the restaurant is also very pleasant. Overall it is a  great place to hang out with friends and family.

Meal for two: Rs 700
Address: Hotel Centrepoint, TSS Rd, Shillong
Phone no: 0364-2220480

Kimpao Restaurant

This is one of the famous Chinese restaurants in Shillong. The restaurant provides variety of Chinese dishes like, Chowmein, Machurian, Chopsuey, Momo and many more. If you love eating Chinese then you must definitely visit this restaurant

Meal for two: Rs 500
Address: Poilce Bazar, Shillong

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