Shopping in Shillong

The beautiful hill town Shillong has many traditional markets and shopping centers offering a variety of commodities and products for the customers. These markets are located across the town of Shillong and are also tourist spots and crowd pullers for their specific characteristics. Some of them are:

Lewduh Market

Local market in ShillongLewduh market is one of the oldest and traditional market of the entire northeast. It is also one of the main centers of trade and commerce in Shillong. The market is situated 2 km west of the main Shillong town. The Lewduh market is also called Bara Bazar meaning big market.

Lewduh market is one of the busiest shopping areas of Shillong. It is Shillong’s main wholesale market.  The heritage of the bazaar can be traced back to the 19th century. There are separate segments within the Bara Bazaar area for fruits, vegetable, iron works, fish, beef and betel. Traditional items are sold in the Bara Bazar. Produce of the valleys like honey, pineapple, pigs, dried fish, wild mushrooms, betel nut, bamboo basket etc are sold in the market. There is the traditional famous betel leaves market in Lewduh. Some of the features of this market include:

  • One of the distinctive features of the Bara Bazar is that most of the shopkeepers of the market are womenfolk. You can find several Khasi women selling local products in the market.
  • The bazaar comes under the direct management of the Syiem of Mylliem.
  • Religious ceremonies are performed annually within the market area known as Khlieh Lew where huge monoliths are erected. These ceremonies signify invoking the blessings of U Blei Shyllong- the Shillong God and also the market deity Ka Lew-Lei Hat-Lei Khydrop for trade and commerce to flourish and the uplift of the economy of Ri Hynniewtrep land of the Hima Mylliem.
  • Bara Bazar is surrounded by Police Bazar, Garikhana, Secretariat hills among other places.
Bara Bazar in Shillong draws large numbers of tourists who visit Shillong.Being the commercial heartbeat of Shillong, tourists visit the bazaar for buying local Khasi goods. Most of the products in the market are agricultural goods.

Police Bazaar

Police Bazar is located at the heart of the Shillong town in Meghalaya. It is located in the downtown area, nearmarket in Shillong the main bus stand. It is one of the major shopping centers of Shillong. Police bazaar is also called PB by the local people. Some of the characteristics of the Bazaar are:

  • The shops in the police bazaar market are arranged in chains. There may also be scattered shops.
  • There are shops ranging from the commercial to the traditional in Police Bazar. Handicrafts of local artifacts made by the Khasi people are sold in the bazaar. Bamboo and cane attractions are also the major attraction of the Police Bazar. Cotton and silk materials are sold in abundance in the market place.
  • An important aspect of the markets of Shillong is that the streets are narrow. The shops in the Police Bazar area are therefore, relatively small. There are no huge shopping malls but in the small shops people get the trendiest of items. The market places are relatively expensive also.

Police Bazar being the commercial hub of the town, tourists visit the place for shopping. The market area is packed with shops, restaurants and hotels.

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